We've worked with some of the most awesome young people and partners this year. Here's a little from them about our work ...

Our Young People

“This programme will blow your mind.
You will leave as a changed person!"

"The IF programme has given me focus
and direction & has made my goals more
achievable however high I aim!"

"Its like part of my brain wasn’t working
to this point and now I am like "wow"!"

“This programme has given me the confidence,
knowledge and focus on the future -
I know how to adapt"

Our Partners

“The course looks absolutely incredible. I have had a lot
of really positive feedback from the young people too,
when I have seen them since the workshop. They are
all still buzzing now”

Hannah Tracey,
The Princes Trust Enterprise Scheme

“Feedback from students has been overwhelmingly
positive and your programme made an invaluable
contribution to our students. I’m certain the students who
attended the Inventing Futures employability programme
are now better prepared for the world of work”

Victoria Jackson, Employability Consultant,
Kingston University

“Leading in their personal and professional lives without
being constrained by conventional wisdoms has led to
some of our alumni achieving huge professional an
personal accomplishments. This is a key pillar of our
alumni programme that I wouldn't want to be without”

Sherilyn Shackell, Founder,
The Marketing Academy